New Acropolis Museum award ceremony for winners of literary competition in the Greek language


The third literary competition titled The Parthenon Marbles: The history of a looting or the looting of history? was organised by the Hellenic Cultural Association NOSTOS, the Literary Association of Argentina, the Hellenic Literary Association of the Five Continents and the Diasporic Literature Spot under the aegis of the Greek Embassy in Argentina.
The competition received more than 350 submissions from writers around the world. 
An award ceremony for the entries submitted in the Greek language took place last Friday, December 16th 2011,  in the auditorium of the New Acropolis Museum.  
The following were chosen as the top winning entries:
1st place winning entry in the Greek language:
CARYATID by Vaya Kapnia
Original Version:
Ξένοι, ανάμεσα σε ξένους
Τη γλώσσα μας πια ξεμάθαμε
Μα ούτε καταδεχόμαστε γλώσσα άλλων
Βουβοί στεκόμαστε απέναντι στον Χρόνο
Που κάθε μέρα μας ξεχνάει και μας πονάει πιο πολύ?
Strangers amongst strangers
Our language now disgarded
We deign not accept another language
Silently we stand against time
That with every passing day forgets and wounds us all the more
1st place winning entry in the English language
ODE TO THE PARTHENON by Dimitrios Trigonis
Orgiginal Version:
As I walk through
your sacred grounds
Oh Parthenon!
I take a handful of broken,
cold and lifeless pieces of your marble,
I place them tightly on my chest,
and these remnants from your brilliant glory,
which are now spread here and there
on your holy ground,
become flames that warm my soul.
My heart is pounding as I hear
whispers of joy, happiness, pain, and grief
coming out of their lifeless guts 
as if they are alive inside the palm of my hand
and want to speak.
I close my eyes and hark at them.
I hear them “talk” with pride and joy
about the golden age of Pericles,
when the incomparable and unique sculptor, 
the great Fheidias sculpted you.
Along with the great architects Iktinus and Kallikratus 
took the pure but lifeless marble
of Pentelis Mountain gave it soul and vivified it! 
They erected you, oh magnificent Parthenon,
to illuminate the human race!
You became the Ark of the spirit
and the marbled Bible of the Arts!
You became the divine aureole of Greece,
the most glorious country of the ancient world,
the cradle and the shield of western civilization!
You became the Holy Temple of Pallas Athena,
the gray-eyed maiden, the Goddess of Wisdom,
protectress of the illustrious violet-crowned city of Athens,
the beacon of letters, arts, culture and knowledge!
You became the eternal shrine of beauty and “entity”!
But between the joyful and proud whispers
are mixed voices of pain and moaning 
because your pedestal of glory and honor
was covered by the dark-ages 
and their uncivilized people placed you in obscurity.
And the moans became grief and tears,
that burned the soul,
for after the Renaissance
the “civilized” nations, in their disgrace,
allowed you to be enslaved by the barbarians!
But worst of all, and what makes the heart bleed, is that
during the period of your slavery they mutilated you!
The barbarians with gun-powder,
and the “civilized barbarians”
with theft and illegal dealing in antiquities!
Even now at the present time
in a theoretically free and civilized society
your divine sculptures are imprisoned
far from your glorious sacred grounds,
the land they belong to, your native country, Greece.
Enough, People of the world stand up.
Thunder out your outcry to the desecrators.
Your marble’s fragments “talk” and “moan” 
for their stolen and captive sculptured brothers.
it is time for them to return to their sacred place. 
To heal the wounds
of your multi tormented land
from the deeds of these desecrators
that contaminated your honorable, bloodstained grounds,
The bastion of freedom and civilization. 
Oh, Parthenon
through the ages the barbarians
envied your beauty, they mutilated you
and the blasphemous, the “civilized” impious
unceremoniously tried to dismantle you,
But your marble’s fragments “speak” 
Oh Parthenon!
You were, you are and you shall be
the golden, brilliant and gleaming sun
to illuminate with your splendor
the whole world throughout the ages!
1st place winning entry in the Spanish language
The above entries as well as other noted entries will be published in an anthology. For a more detailed list of all winning entries please click here.



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